Back Porch Burlap and Barrels

Valuing The Worth Of All Things And All People

At the Back Porch Burlap and Barrels, we are a group of artists who have been given the encouragement, opportunity, and resources to expand our creativity. Our mission is to fail every day. This philosophy takes away our fear of making a mistake and opens up an endless world of possibilities. Our artists have a variety of backgrounds and proficiencies such as woodworking, painting and welding. We pool these skills to create a wide array of unique handmade items.

We believe in taking old and forgotten items and upcycling them into something new and charming. You will often find us collecting materials for our art by tearing down old barns and picking through long-forgotten items. We have salvaged many a piece from the junkyard and repurposed it into a creative treasure. In today's disposable society, we believe in the value and beauty of all things and all people.

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